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Charities Aid Foundation's Giving Thought podcast explored the big issues, themes and news stories relating to philanthropy and the work of civil society. 

This podcast is no longer produced.


Jun 12, 2018

In episode 27 of the podcast Rhod chats to Rachel Rank, CEO of 360 Giving ( an initiative promoting and supporting an Open Data approach among UK grantmakers. Topics covered include:

-The background and rationale to 360 Giving

-What challenges has 360 Giving faced in terms of getting grantmakers to adopt an open data approach?

-How are organisations using the information that is being published?

-Where does the work of 360 Giving fit within the wider move towards open data and transparency?

-What is the potential for applying new techniques and tools such as machine learning to the data being opened up on grantmaking?

-Will there be new challenges when it comes to making data more accessible in the light of GDPR and the growing unease about data privace and usage?