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Welcome to the Giving Thought Podcast, a bi-weekly exploration of trends in global philanthropy and civil society from the Charities Aid Foundation’s in-house think-tank, Giving Thought.

In each episode your host Rhodri Davies (formerly with co-host Adam Pickering) explores a big issue, theme or trend and analyses what it means for philanthropy and civil society around the world.

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Nov 27, 2019

In episode 61, Rhod reports back on a recent trip to the 48th annual ARNOVA conference in San Diego - one of the main global events for philanthropy and non-profit researchers. Including:

  • What were the key themes being discussed at the conference?
  • What came up in the main plenary debate on “promises and perils of philanthropy in a polarized world?”
  • Highlights from other paper sessions and debates, including:
    • Findings on public trust
    • Young people’s attitudes to charity representations on social media
    • A fascinating historical example of radical movement funding
    • How representative bodies can shape our understanding of what the charity sector is.
  • How much do US non-profit issues and critiques apply elsewhere?
  • What can we do to connect the academic study of philanthropy better with practice and policy?
  • How can academics get better at disseminating their work to practitioners, and how can practitioners get better at paying attention to academia?
  • Is there an important role for non-profit “think tanks” in bridging the gap?
  • What does the academic study of philanthropy encompass?
  • Does philanthropy suffer from cutting across traditional academic disciplines?


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