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Welcome to the Giving Thought Podcast, a bi-weekly exploration of trends in global philanthropy and civil society from the Charities Aid Foundation’s in-house think-tank, Giving Thought.

In each episode your host Rhodri Davies (formerly with co-host Adam Pickering) explores a big issue, theme or trend and analyses what it means for philanthropy and civil society around the world.

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Oct 24, 2017

Who doesn’t love a bit of healthy competition? In this episode, Rhod and Adam ask which country is the most generous in the world. Topics covered include;


2017 World Giving Index: Every year CAF publishes the world’s most comprehensive analysis of charitable activity. This year’s index reveals a global fall in giving with the exception of Africa which is witnessing a remarkable rise.


The potential of middle class giving in emerging economies: A new campaign by CAF called Groundwork for Growing Giving reveals the staggering potential ($319bn annually) of growing middle classes in the developing world to supercharge global charitable giving over the next generation.


Is giving related to the size of the state?: We explore whether the evidence supports the idea that charitable giving can only thrive in small state / low tax environments.


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